Venezuela: Alan Woods’ speaking tour reported by Bolivarian News Agency

Alan Woods' speaking tour in Venezuela is getting wide publicity coverage as this Bolivarian News Agency report demonstrates. Here the report is on a meeting with oil workers in the PDVSA building in Maturín, Monagas state. It was published under the title "British theoretician: Bolivarian revolution a source of international inspiration."

British writer Alan Woods described the Bolivarian revolution led by Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez Frías, as a great source of inspiration to the world.

The leader of the International Marxist Tendency and renowned Marxist theoretician, author of the book Reformism or Revolution. Marxism and Socialism of the 21st Century, explained that the importance of the Venezuelan process is due the historical moment in which it started.

Woods was in Maturín, Monagas state, as a speaker on this subject, in a meeting which took place in the hall of PDVSA, organised by the Socialist Front of Socialist Oil Workers.

"After the fall of Stalinism, of the Soviet Union, when there was an avalanche of slanders against socialism, against Marxism, against communism, finally there was a man, like Hugo Chávez, who had the necessary courage to raise again the need for socialism as the only solution to the problems that humanity faces today", he said.

He stressed the fact that the president has opened a debate about the building of socialism, which is very important, not only in narrow intellectual university circles, but at all levels of society, with the participation of the rank and file.

The British theoretician warned, at the same time, about sections which, being far removed from the ideas of the president, are promoting mere reformism in Venezuela, which he said was a danger for the Bolivarian revolution, which is at a crossroads.

"My book is a modest contribution to the ideological battle against the ideas of revisionism and reformism which act as a Fifth Column within the revolutionary movement, to limit its aims to the narrow confines of capitalism; these sectors want to put the brakes on the revolution", he warned.

The writer recommended radical action, "The people want radical changes. There is a flashing red warning light; the people are demanding that action must be taken. You cannot leave a revolution half-way, and this revolution must be taken to socialism".

Woods pointed out that the Venezuelan revolution needs a bold programme of workers' power and the expropriation of the big capitalists and landowners, "because the sabotage of these sections creates a very dangerous situation for the revolution".

He warned that there cannot be socialism while oligarchic and capitalist sectors continue to own the land and industries.

He also insisted on the marvellous example of the masses which are ready to fight, and he said that "the last word of guarantee of victory of the revolution, belongs to the people, the peasants, the workers, the rank and file".

Woods, at the same time, is confident that the rank and file will follow this process of building socialism led by Hugo Chávez and will stop any plans of reformism.

"We are also convinced that the rank and file will turn the United Socialist Party of Venezuela into a useful tool for the transformation of society," he added.

Source: Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias