An Important Exposure

Written April 26 (13), 1917.

Today’s editorial in Dyelo Naroda [1], a newspaper which lists Minister Kerensky among its most active contributors contains a forthright statement to the effect that “according to information this paper has received from people whom we consider quite competent in this matter, the above-mentioned note {namely, the diplomatic note proclaiming renunciation of the policy of annexations and indemnities} has not yet been forwarded”.

And so those members and supporters of the Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies who say and think that “we have made the government renounce annexations” are mistaken.

Comrades and citizens! Read and reread this statement by Dyelo Naroda, ponder its meaning!

The editorial goes on to say:

“And here Mr. Guchkov, echoing his bellicose Palace Square colleague, who covets and lusts after Constantinople and the Straits, in his appeal to the army on the Rumanian front throws out slogans calling for the utter defeat of Germany and Austria

If Dyelo Naroda knows that Milyukov covets and lusts after annexations, then why not tell us more about it? Does not the people’s cause require that Dyelo Naroda[1] speak out more clearly and frankly?

The editorial ends by calling attention to the “bellicose members of our Provisional Government”.

Once more: Does not the people’s cause require that the paper bearing that title make known names and facts, facts and names?


[1] A play on words: Dyelo Naroda means the people’s cause


Source: Marxist Internet Archive