Argentina: Brukman workers defeat police eviction

At 6 am on Sunday, November 24, police forces took over the Brukman textile factory, which had been occupied by its workforce since December 20 last year, in the middle of the "Argentinazo" uprising. The police came together with the old owners, foremen and supervisors of the company with a court order to take away all machinery.

At the time of the attack 10 workers, 8 female and 2 male, were guarding the factory, one of them had her 9 year old daughter with her. They were all attacked, arrested and charged with "resistance to the authorities". An hour later the news became known and soon after Brukman workers, worker activists and members of left parties started to arrive. The whole perimeter of the factory was full of police officers, fences and anti-riot vans. At mid-morning more than 500 people were present protesting against the police assault. At the end, the judge instructed the police to abandon the factory, for fear of provoking a popular explosion, as some police officers later recognised to the media. Immediately the Brukman workers reoccupied the factory and those arrested were released.

Once they entered the factory the workers were faced with a grim spectacle. Further to the vandalism of breaking windows, and some furniture, the owners had managed to take some of the machinery, computers, raw materials and personal belongings of the workers, hidden in the police vans.

A campaign to raise funds for the Brukman workers, whom, by occupying the factory have became one of the symbols of the "Argentinazo". Most of them are humble female workers who, with enormous sacrifice, have managed to get the factory working again, pay themselves decent but scarce wages and keep the struggle for the state to take over the factory under workers' control.

As was the case with the Zanon workers in Neuquen two months ago, workers' struggle and class solidarity have managed to stop the bosses' and the police violence and blackmail. Please send solidarity messages to: