Book Inauguration of "Pakistan’s Other Story" in Rawalakot (Kashmir)

The book launch of “Pakistan’s Other Story - The 1968-69 revolution” was organized by the Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF), and was held in the Hill Top Hotel in Rawalakot on 5th October 2009.

Book Inauguration of "Pakistan’s Other Story" in Rawalakot (Kashmir)The main invited speaker was the author of the book, Dr. Lal Khan. Hundreds of enthusiastic revolutionary youth of the JKNSF also participated in the ceremony along with intellectuals, social activists, women, and people from all walks of life.

The various speakers argued that the book is an important weapon to further the revolutionary struggle in the South Asian sub-continent. They also commented that the book is a revolutionary duty performed by Lal Khan.

The different speakers explained how the ruling class has compiled a history full of prejudices against the working class; this history has been intent on dividing the working class. In this regard, the book is an ideological document for revolutionary forces. The book not only discusses the current crisis in Pakistan, but also discusses but the solution to all crises. The book explains how socialism is the only way out of the miseries for the entire world.

In his speech, Lal Khan explained the role of the youth and the students in the revolutionary movement of 1968-69 and their importance to Pakistan and the whole world. Lal Khan stated that the way to resolve the crisis in Kashmir, and the miseries of the people of Pakistan and India as a whole, is only through socialist revolution, for which the JKNSF is fighting for tenaciously.

Book Inauguration of "Pakistan’s Other Story" in Rawalakot (Kashmir)

Lal Khan got a thunderous applause for his speech. Other speakers at the event included the President of JKNSF Amjad Shahswar; Secretary General of the Peoples Lawyer Forum Ilyas Khan; President of the PTUDC Riaz Hussain; Lund Baloch, Secretary General of the PTUDC; Nazar Mengal, President of the Rawalakot Bar Association; Syed Habib Hussain Shah, Secretary General of JKPNP; Sardar Shamshad Advocate; Editor of the Class Struggle in Sindhi Dr. Harish Kumar; Secretary General of PPP Poonch Division Sardar Zaheer; Advocate, Prof. Dr. Sagheer Khan; and Comrade Yasir Irshad.