Cuba struck by several hurricanes – solidarity needed

The past hurricane season has been the worst for decades for Cuba. The economy has suffered a harsh blow. Solidarity efforts are needed!

The past hurricane season has been the worst for decades for Cuba. Three hurricanes have struck the island in the past months, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. 2.5 million people had to be evacuated and out of them 200,000 will not have a home to return to. The evacuation efforts of the Civil Defence Council are impressive (not a single person died) but the economy has suffered a harsh blow. The government estimates that the hurricanes have caused damage for $5 billon, including the important sugar cane crop.

Unlike in capitalist countries where private profit is the motor force of the economy, a nationalised economy like in Cuba allows for the planning of resources to the benefit of the majority of the population. This is why not a single person died as a direct result of the hurricane. Now, however, starts the painful task of rebuilding the country. 

The U.S. government has now offered aid to Cuba. This is complete hypocrisy. The U.S. is maintaining a blockade against Cuba ever since the revolution. This is making it very difficult for the Cuban government to purchase the necessary supplies from other countries. Condoleezza Rice, however, says that ‘now is not the time to end the blockade’. Instead the U.S. offers a measly $100,000 and only if it is distributed to specific organizations, chosen by the U.S. administration. It is nothing but an insult. 

The people of Cuba have many times in the past shown solidarity with the workers and peasants of other countries, providing doctors and other types of emergency aid. A number of solidarity campaigns have started to organize solidarity collections for the storm ravaged Cuban people. We support these efforts wholeheartedly.

  • End the imperialist blockade of Cuba!
  • Redouble the solidarity efforts to the Cuban people!
  • Long live the Cuban Revolution!

Contact your local Cuba solidarity camapaign for details about how to donate.