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The In Defence of Marxism web site has now been active for about ten years providing a Marxist analysis of current events, working class history, science and technology, art and culture and giving socialist activists all over the world access to the ideas of Marxism.

We now have what is without doubt one of the best Marxist resources on the web in a period in which interest for Marxist ideas is growing amongst youth and working class activists. All of this costs money. The web site is maintained only by donations from labour movement activists and young people in different countries.

In many countries access to the internet is expensive and is therefore limited to a small layer of the population. We have published a number of major works on Marxism in the last ten years ("Reason in Revolt - Marxist philosophy and modern science", "Russia - From revolution to counter-revolution", "Bolshevism - The road to revolution" and "Lenin and Trotsky - What they really stood for"), but we need to make sure they reach the most advanced layers of workers and youth in Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, Mexico, Ecuador and many other countries where there is a burning need for Marxist ideas but most people do not have the resources to buy these books. This requires money.

We have many plans for expanding our effort to defend and develop the ideas of Marxism. We have already started improving the technical aspects of the web site with the broadcasting of audio and video material and the move to a content management system. Our server is very reliable and we have taken measure to improve its security by moving to another server at the end of 2005. Again, commercial hosting costs a lot of money.

Finally and most important of all we want to be able to engage in discussion with revolutionary activists all over the world about the need for a Marxist leadership in the struggles they are involved in. And this means organising trips to be able to get first hand accounts of the struggles that are taking place internationally.

If you have read the material in our web page, if it has helped develop your understanding of the world we live in and the need for a revolutionary transformation, if it has been useful in cutting across the daily propaganda we are fed from the big bussiness media, then please give a donation to In Defence of Marxism. In this epoch of instability in the financial markets the only sound investment worth making is in developing the ideas which will transform the world!


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