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In Defence of Marxism is following closely the dramatic unfolding of the events in Bolivia. We are providing our readers with frequently updated information on the situation in Bolivia, that can be found in the Bolivia section of our website.

The reactionary oligarchy of Bolivia is back on the offensive. With the backing and support of the US embassy, it has unleashed its fascist gangs, occupying government buildings and terrorising the workers and peasants in the Eastern area of the country.

The Marxist Tendency in Bolivia is represented by the comrades of El Militante Bolivia who had their founding assembly in April and have started the work of connecting with the most advanced layers of the Bolivian workers and youth.

In this moment, the Bolivian Marxists, with a presence in Potosí, Santa Cruz, Oruro and Cochabamba, need our help more than ever. Political ideas must be complemented with the necessary material resources to carry them into practice. The Marxist tendency does not have any rich backers, but on the contrary, relies on the support from thousands of activists around the world who donate their time, money and energy to the struggle for a socialist future.

We urge all our supporters and sympathisers to make a donation. Every donation we will receive for the duration of this campaign will be used to support our activity in Bolivia against imperialist manoeuvres and capitalist reaction, for the defence of the Socialist Revolution in Bolivia and on an international scale.

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