El Salvador

A major clash between the classes has taken place in El Salvador. One of the most reactionary ruling classes in Latin America has been kicked out of office. The masses once again defeated the scandalous electoral fraud that was being prepared by ARENA, the reactionary right wing party founded by anti-communist death squad leader Roberto D'Aubisson. The ruling class, reluctantly, had to concede the victory of the left wing FMLN in order to prevent a revolutionary explosion.

We would like to send revolutionary greetings to the comrades of the Peoples Youth Block (BPJ) in El Salvador for the publication of the first issue of their paper Militante BPJ.

In 2009 there are presidential elections as well as mayoral and deputy elections. El Salvador has a history of electoral fraud. The working class together with the poor from the cities and the countryside must be alert to take the necessary action to fight every attempt of fraud in the forthcoming elections.

On June 26, at around 10.40pm, comrade Ángel Humberto Martínez Cerón was assassinated just a few metres from his home. He was the General Coordinator of the "January 24" Revolutionary Socialist Students Block (known as BERS-24). The political activity this revolutionary young militant was involved in was the reason why the ruling class decided to silence him.

The Salvadorean newspaper Diario CoLatino has dedicated its weekly supplement Perspectivas to balance-sheet of the defeat of the constitutional reform in Venezuela, publishing in two pages the article by Alan Woods. Diario CoLatino has a circulation of around 35,000 copies and is the most widely read newspaper amongst left wing activists in the country, in the FMLN, the trade union and the student and peoples' movement. A few weeks ago, Diario CoLatino also published the analysis of the Argentinean elections by the comrades of the Corriente Socialista El Militante, showing the impact of and interest for Marxist ideas in the country.

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