Excellent response to Bolivia campaign!

The financial appeal for the Bolivian printer campaign met its target ($2,500) and we have now closed it. We would like to thank those who contributed. For those who did not get the chance to contribute financially to the spreading of Marxism, there will be more opportunities this summer.

The Bolivian comrades of the "Corriente Marxista Internacional" (International Marxist Tendency) have been regularly publishing their paper El Militante since November 2008. This has been achieved with great effort and sacrifice.

The Bolivian comrades have produced a paper which puts forward a Marxist point of view and represents the voice of the vanguard of the workers, peasants and youth fighting for socialism in the Andean country.

The paper has done its best to cover all the major struggles of the workers, the students, the MAS youth, the election campaign in December 2009 which saw the re-election of Evo Morales, etc. But now the printer in which the comrades produce El Militante has broken down.

In order to allow them to continue producing the paper, leaflets and documents to intervene in the revolutionary movement, they needed to raise US$ 2500 – a huge sum for a poor country like Bolivia.

Fortunately, the spirit of proletarian internationalism has prevailed! We are delighted to report that we have reached our target.

The following comrades have contribute since last the last update:

Comrade LG from France contributed $135, CB from France $60, JF $40, JP from the US $30, GS from Italy $25, PS from Brazil and EK from Britain gave $20 each, ZM from Netherlans $20, JS from Britain $10, CS $5 and JG $3. Comrade JB from Spain at the last minute decided to cover the remaining $62 and thus closed the campaign. We'd like to thank all these comrades for their donations.

We would of course also like to thank the contributors that were announced earlier:

Comrades from Austria have generously donated €700 ($880) and comrades from Sweden $100. Comrade AB from Britain has given a magnificent donation of £500 ($720) and comrades JB and HB from Britain gave £100 ($145).

Out of the $255 that have been given on chip-in, we would like to emphasize the donation of comrade HD from Indonesia $40. Comrade JM from France and BT from Britain have both donated $50. Comrade JL from Sweden $25, comrades MA from Denmark, OA from Brazil and TK donated $20 each and comrades MC, ZZ from the US and FL from Brazil all donated $10 each.

Long live El Militante in Bolivia!