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2009 has been a very important year for the International Marxist Tendency and the In Defence of Marxism website. We have continued to provide analysis and updates on the most important events throughout the year and this year has so far been particularly eventful. Our struggle to spread the ideas of Marxism in this world of turmoil continues and we need your help.

Dear comrades, sympathises and readers,

2009 has been a very important year for the International Marxist Tendency and the In Defence of Marxism website. The economic crisis that began in 2007 and broke out with full force in 2008 has rattled the world from the bottom to top. Already with only half a year passed, it is clear that 2009 will be the most eventful year for some time. It is worth noting a few things that have happened since January 1, 2009.

The year started with Israel's barbaric attack on Gaza, which we analysed in great detail in our article The invasion of Gaza: what does it mean? In the article we not only dealt with Obama's foreign policy and Israel's response, but we also pointed out, as we've done before, the revolutionary potential in the Middle East. Alan woods wrote:

“The only thing that can completely upset this scenario [Obama's plans] is the revolutionary movement of the masses in the Arab world and in Iran. The invasion of Gaza has set in motion forces that it will not be easy to halt. This is a factor that the politicians and diplomats cannot control with their usual methods of bribery, trickery and intrigue. In the last analysis it is the only hope for the people of Palestine and the whole world.“

Indeed in June, the revolution that we have been predicting in Iran broke out and upset all the plans of Obama for a reapproachment with Iran. Since June 12 we've published 21 articles of varying lengths on the topic of Iran in order to educate our readers as well as help spread the ideas of Marxism in Iran. One of the most popular articles (Iran: the revolution has begun) was even published in an underground newspaper and spread on the streets of Iran. This work will have to continue and intensify as the revolution develops.

In Latin America, the Venezuelan Revolution continues to develop, with attacks from the counter-revolution and concrete steps forward, such as the nationalisations in the iron and steel industry. The forces of Marxism are also developing at a fast rate. The Sixth national congress of the CMR was a tremendous success which was followed by the Second Latin American Meeting of Worker-Recovered Factories.

Yet, Venezuela is by no means the only place where the Latin American revolution is progressing. In El Salvador, the Marxists of the BPJ took part in the successful struggle against electoral fraud. This secured the victory of FMLN. In the last month, struggles have broken out in Honduras, where a precarious military coup took place and in Peru, where the workers are moving against the government of Alan Garcia.

The Latin American School, which was financed partly by the contributions of the comrades was a very successful event and the America Socialista magazine will be a great step forward for the Marxists on the continent.

In Europe, important workers' and students' struggles have broken out in many different countries, for example Ireland, Italy, Austria and France. The work of the IMT and the marxists in Europe has also taken a step forward with the IMT Winter School, which was held in Berlin on the 90th anniversary of the assasinations of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg.

The IMT, In Defence of Marxism, and the ideas they represent is becoming ever more important as the struggles of the working class unfold all over the world. In Pakistan the comrades of The Struggle continue their difficult struggle to build the forces of Marxism on the Indian sub-continent. Their latest efforts include supporting the relief campaign of PTUDC during the war in the SWAT region of the country. Their efforts are meeting with success, illustrated by the successful conference they held in April.

The ideas of Marxism, which we spread and develop on our website, are having an echo among the poor and oppressed across the world. They have proven themselves to be correct a hundred times over.

Political ideas must be complemented with the necessary material resources to carry them into practice. The Marxist tendency does not have any rich backers, but on the contrary, relies on the support from thousands of activists around the world who donate their time, money and energy to the struggle for a socialist future. Every year we launch a summer financial appeal in order to give the readers of an opportunity to donate to the running of this website, the best Marxist resource on the web, and at the same time help the development of the International Marxist Tendency on a world scale.

In Defence of Marxism

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