'Iranian workers are not alone!' - March 20th Day of Action

There is a lot of talk about Iran in the media these days. Unfortunately very little news gets through about the terrible conditions faced by the Iranian workers. On March 20th we are supporting the day of action called by the Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network and the Workers' Action Committee (Iran). Please mobilise for this day and send out the message that the Iranian workers are not alone.

To support the workers and toilers (teachers, women and students) of Iran against the assaults and attacks of Iran's capitalist regime on their most basic rights, we, the signatories of this leaflet, announce in a loud and clear voice: 'Iranian workers are not alone!'

We support the founding of the broad united action bloc of workers, students and women to combat the capitalist system in unity.

We support the founding statement of the Co-operation Council of Labour Organisations and Activists with the objective of forming a broad united action bloc of workers.

Our aim is to support Iranian workers and toilers who are insulted, threatened and killed by the repressive forces of the capitalist system. We call for the following points to be put into action:

* Granting all workers' demands, including the right to strike, to set up their own independent workers' organisations, the right to free speech and assembly;
* An end to all physical attacks, arrests, murder and torture of workers and toilers in factories and working class areas;
* The unconditional release of all political prisoners and dropping all charges against Mansour Ossalou and all women, teachers and students detained during recent demonstrations.

On 20 March 2007, depending on our resources and forces, we will raise the issues affecting Iranian workers and toilers on an international scale. In various forms like organising pickets outside the embassies and consulates of the Islamic Republic of Iran (or other suitable places); organise meetings for local activists; hold radio, television and news agency interviews; collect funds to support workers' hardship funds; and contact trade unions to get support and solidarity. We will aim to gather the widest international support and solidarity for Iranian workers.

Friends, fellow workers and comrades:
Sign this petition and let us begin organising an international campaign to support Iranian workers and toilers.
Let us transform 20 March into a day of solidarity with Iranian workers and toilers.
Let us make sure that the voice of workers and progressive forces of the world is heard in every factory, workers' neighbourhood and town in Iran: 'Iranian workers are not alone!'

Coordinators of the Campaign:
Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network,
Workers' Action Committee (Iran),
The International Marxist Tendency (Marxist.com).

10 March 2007

Translated by Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network
March 2007.