Luis Primo (Venezuelan UNT) at Portland Anti-War Demonstration

Venezuelan trade union leader participated in Portland's energetic anti-war demonstration on Sunday, March 19.  Lots of photos inside. See also Leader of the UNT at the SF Anti-War Demonstration on the website.

Luis Primo, member of the National Coordinating Committee of the Venezuelan National Union of Workers (UNT), participated in Portland's energetic anti-war demonstration (an estimated 15,000-18,000 turned out for the demo). Before joining the main march, Primo spoke at a feeder march rally of around 1,000 people, a gathering that emphasized the importance of the labor movement, of cross border solidarity, and of solidarity with Latin America. He spoke after several local labor leaders, activists, and youth spoke against the war, many of whom raised the importance of defending Venezuela from US intervention.  His words highlighting the importance of the Bolivarian revolutionary process and the difference between "false" representative democracy and Venezuela's participatory democracy were enthusiastically received.

luis primo portland feeder march

Luis Primo speaking at the labor / Latin America solidarity feeder march 

The feeder march then snaked its way down to meet the main demonstration at a local park, which was packed to capacity with thousands of Oregonians against the war. The march then took off through downtown Portland, with Luis marching with the Latin American solidarity contingent, which included a giant puppet of Hugo Chavez.  The many chants included, "Alerta! Alerta! Alerta que camina!  La espada de Bolivar por america latina!"

portland chavez puppet

A Giant Chavez Puppet - A First in the US?

portland pcasc banner

PCASC Banner 

 portland hov banner

 Hands Off Venezuela Banner

After the march, the anti-war crowd gathered to hear music and speeches. Luis Primo spoke on the importance of the anti-war movement, on the importance of the struggle against imperialism, and he emphasized that while the Venezuelan revolution must be defended and is an important focal point for the world revolution, the most important anti-imperialist  and revolutionary work being done in the world today is right here in the US.

 luis primo portland anti wat

Luis Primo's Anti-imperialist Message was Enthusiastically Received

Thanks to PCASC and all the other organizations and individuals that worked with HOV to make this important Pacific Northwest leg of Primo's tour possible.