John McDonnell MP condemns threats against PPP activists

After the serious physical threats against PPP activists in Karachi, John McDonnell MP has issued this statement, condemning the attack and warning that if they continue the issue will be taken up in the British and world labour movement.

I strongly condemn the vicious attacks against PPP activists, comrades Haseeb Ahmed and Zaka-ur-Rehman, by armed thugs of the MQM in Karachi. The violence, threats, and attempted kidnappings are fascist methods which must be exposed and resisted by every means possible. Genuine socialists will not be intimidated or frightened by these tactics. In a democracy people have the right to canvass and campaign for the party and candidates of their choice without intimidation and violence.

The eyes of the British and world labour movement are on Pakistan. An injury to one is an injury to all. Any further attempts to intimidate or attack comrades will be vigorously challenged and we pledge ourselves to mobilise public opinion in Britain if such an eventuality takes place.

In solidarity,

John McDonnell MP

House of Commons, London

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