Mexican government attacks miners - and still workers on strike!

The Mexican miners have suffered brutal attacks in the recent period. This is the answer of the Mexican government to their militant stance in defence of their rights. We ask you to send solidarity message to the address provided.

The Mexican government of Vicente Fox has been mercilessly attacking Mexican miners in struggle for better terms and conditions. In the minds of all is the tragic accident that occurred in February this year when 65 miners were killed in an explosion in the Pasta de Conchos mine. The bodies have still not been recovered. Such “accidents” are not uncommon in Mexican mines. Before the current struggle the Mexican miners were one of the most militant layers of the Mexican working class. Since Fox came to power there have been 184 stoppages and strikes in the mines. This is precisely why Vicente Fox has so brutally attacked the miners.

The miners have answered with more militant action culminating in a one-day strike of all miners on March 1. There have been other strikes in the mines of Cananea and La Claridad, which generate half the copper in Mexico. There is also a strike over terms and conditions at Sicartsa, a large steel company which represents 1/3 of the total national steel market.

The Mexican Marxist Tendency has launched an international solidarity campaign to support the families of the miners killed on the picket lines as well as those still on strike. We all know what the Miners’ strike meant for the British labour movement. It is essential that all trade union activists send solidarity messages to:

We will be providing more information about the current situation and to see the full statement and solidarity messages, please check next week.

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