Montreal Marxist Winter School 2024: in defence of Lenin!

The 14th Montreal Marxist Winter School – organised by Fightback/La Riposte, the Canadian section of the International Marxist Tendency – will take place on 17-18 February 2024. To mark 100 years since the death of the great Russian revolutionary, the event will be dedicated to the life and ideas of Lenin.

Vladimir Lenin died 100 years ago, on January 21, 1924. Perhaps no name in history has been so vilified as that of the great revolutionary and leader of the Russian Revolution. Over the past century, bourgeois historians, liberals, reformists and anarchists have attacked his ideas and his role in history. Underlying the slanders and lies is a campaign to discredit Lenin, the Russian Revolution, Communism and the revolutionary hope they represent.

At a time when capitalism is sinking into the worst crisis in its history, Lenin's ideas remain fundamental to any revolutionary who wants to fight against this rotten system. Like the Bolshevik leader, who put theory and ideas at the heart of the revolutionary work, the International Marxist Tendency and its Canadian section La Riposte socialiste/Fightback are making education and the struggle for political clarity a top priority. That's why we are organizing for the 14th consecutive year the Montreal Marxist Winter School.

Over the years, the Marxist School has become an educational landmark for revolutionaries from across the country and beyond. Over 460 people attended our 2023 edition. This year, we're aiming to reach 700 participants for this two-day school devoted to the life and ideas of Lenin.

Our task in this epoch of capitalist crisis is to build a Communist leadership for the working class like Lenin did with the Bolshevik party. Register for the biggest Marxist event in Quebec and Canada, and join hundreds of communists from all over the world who are organizing to prepare for world revolution.

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