North European Winter School 2013 - The revolutionary ideas of Karl Marx, 130 years after his death

2013 marks the 130th anniversary of the death of Karl Marx. The IMT in Britain - in collaboration with the UCLU Marxists - will be commemorating this anniversary by hosting the annual IMT North European Winter School in London, with a weekend of talks examining Marx’s main ideas and contributions to politics, philosophy, history, and economics. See below for the full programme.

We will do our best to make accommodation and food affordable for all attendees, with a fee of £10 unwaged and £20 waged for the weekend. This will include accommodation, but not food (although we will provide some food for sale, with profits going to the fighting fund).

We ask that you reserve your place soon, there is limited availability, and places will be guaranteed on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact to reserve a place or for more information. You can also visit our Facebook group here

 All sessions are in the UCL main campus on Gower Street (Cruciform B404- LT2 and Pearson G22 LT)

FRIDAY 15th February

7pm – 9pm: The relevance of Marxism today (room: Cruciform B404- LT2)

SATURDAY 16th February

10am – 12.30pm:

  1. Marx and the First International - by Fred Weston, editor of In Defence of Marxism,
  2. Marxist philosophy: Dialectical Materialism - by Daniel Morley, editorial board of the Militant Student

 1.30pm – 3.30pm

  1. Historical Materialism - by Adam Booth, editorial board of the Militant Student
  2. Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State - by Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal

 4pm – 6pm

  1. Marxism and Science - by John Pickard, former editor of the Militant
  2. Marxist Theory of Economic Crisis - by Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal

  7pm: Film showing – "From Tsar to Lenin"

SUNDAY 17th February

10am – 12.30pm:  Building the Marxist International (room: Cruciform B404- LT2)