One month left of financial appeal: another €1,400 needed

One month into the financial appeal we launched for In Defence of Marxism, we have raised €1,600, which is more than half of the money we were aiming for. Many contributions have come in over the last few weeks. We are very grateful for those contributions and would like to ask the rest of our readers to help us raise the remaining target.

The need for Marxist ideas has been amply demonstrated in the recent weeks, when Tunisia's “example of regional stability” turned into its opposite, an example of revolution. We have attempted to cover this to the best of our abilities and our Arabic language website,, has done the same. The need to step up our work in the Maghreb and the Arab speaking world has already inspired one comrade, KM from Britain, to give us £200 for that very purpose. This money will be much appreciated in the coming months.

Indeed, British readers have been most generous in the past few weeks. Comrade BT has given us £200, comrade JB £100, comrade AB £50 and comrade TB $5. Many of our readers are from the US and they have also opened their wallets for the cause of the world revolution: comrade PL has given us $50 and comrade JB $35. Comrade DE from US first gave us $5 but later apparently changed his mind and added another $5 to the collection. There is of course nothing stopping those who have already contributed from adding another contribution. We have also received donations from Italy (£50 from comrade AF), Sweden (£50 form SA), Belgium (£32 from PS), Denmark ($25 from JF), France ($20 from JM), Norway ($20 form RV) and Canada ($20 from JS).

In total we have received $185 through chip-in and another £682 through other channels since the last update on 23 December. This will take us far, and the comrades have our gratitude, but we need to do more. We would like to ask our readers to think seriously about whether they can make a contribution, however big or small. There are many costs associated with running this website, helping to spread the ideas of Marxism and above all building a revolutionary organisation that can put them into practice. One of them, as we stated in the original appeal, is the organisation of the Pan-American Marxist cadre school, to which we will contribute. Now, we will need to discuss seriously how to make sure that we link the ideas of Marxism with the revolutionary workers and youth of Tunisia and the rest of the Maghreb.

Please make a contribution, large or small, to make sure 2011 is a red year!

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You can also make a donation by post. Send cheques (from Britain) or International Money Orders (from the rest of the world) to:

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