Additional information on the Pakistan Marxist Congress

The final balance sheet of the congress of The Struggle in Pakistan revealed that 2,193 delegates and visitors took part with comrades from over forty trade unions and workplaces present, a truly proletarian and revolutionary gathering.

05overview_of_the_congress_hall.jpg The final balance sheet for attendance at the Pakistan Congress was an astonishing 2,193 comrades delegates and visitors. This was considerably more than the organisers had anticipated. On the first day the credentials commission reported a total attendance of 1,994. However, by the second day many more comrades from Lahore and the surrounding area attended as visitors. This gave the total figure of 2,193, although not everybody attended at the same time.

As in previous years, the composition of the congress was overwhelmingly proletarian with a large number of worker comrades although there were also a large number of comrades from the schools and colleges. There were approximately 100 female comrades present, which, given the extreme difficulties that prevent women from participating in political life in Pakistan, is a good result. However, the comrades agreed that it was absolutely necessary to step up this area of the work and increase the participation of women at next year's congress.

Representatives from different unions and industries present at the Congress from across Pakistan:

1 Pakistan Steel Mills Karachi

2 Pakistan Railways

3 Pakistan International Airlines

4 Postal Workers' Union

5 Karachi Electric Supply Corporation

6 Telecommunication Union

7 Cement Workers

8 Construction Workers

9 Fisheries Workers' Union

10 Uniliver Industries

11 Wasir Ali Industries

12 Bata Shoe Factory workers

13 Textile Mills workers

14 Oil and Gas Development Corporation

15 Pakistan Oil refinery

16 Pakistan Ordinance Factory (Wah)

17 Heavy Mechanical Complex (Texila)

18 Match Factory Workers

19 Shoe Makers' Union (Karachi)

20 Water and Power (WAPDA) workers

21 Sindh Teachers' Union

22 Baluchistan Teachers Association (women's wing)

23 Hospital (Paramedical Staff) Union

24 Nursing Association

25 Road Transport Union workers

26 Karachi Ship yard workers

27 Port Workers' Union

28 Military Accounts Department

29 Mine workers

30 Brick Kiln workers

31 Chemical Industries workers

32 General Tyre workers

33 Suzuki Motors workers

34 Honda Car factory workers

35 Honda Motorcycle workers

36 National Highway Authority

37 SNGL Gas workers

38 Coca Cola Factory workers

39 Fertilizer Industry workers

40 Tractor Factory workers

41 Agricultural Workers' Union

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