Recruiting for revolution: painting Britain red

The Marxists in Britain are calling on communists to get organised and join our ranks. Our recruitment drive to reach the 1000 membership milestone is picking up pace, with hundreds of responses in recent weeks. So don’t wait – join us today!

Socialist Appeal’s Are you a communist?’ campaign – our recruitment drive to reach the 1000 membership mark in Britain – is well underway. And it is clear already that it is finding a fantastic echo and gaining a tremendous response, with hundreds of radical workers and youth reaching out to get organised and join the fight for revolution.

In the space of just seven days recently, for example, 191 people wrote into our website asking to join. Over the past month, 380 self-proclaimed communists have written in on the back of our campaign. This completely dwarfs our previous record of 109 write-ins over the course of one month.

New comrades are joining the organisation every day on the back of this. In the last week alone, we have had reports of new members in Ipswich, Brighton, Bristol, Canterbury, Sheffield, and Cambridge.

This coincided with a week where our Cambridge comrades sold 139 copies of the Socialist Appeal paper, showing the thirst for Marxist ideas out there.

And these numbers are continuing to grow every day, as recruitment posters and stickers go up on streets around the country.

Socialist Appeal – the British section of the International Marxist Tendency – is well and truly painting Britain red!

Revolutionary mood

The revolutionary mood in society is palpable. And no doubt the establishment’s grotesque carnival surrounding the recent coronation has only provoked further anger and indignation.

The things that people have said when writing in to join reveal a snapshot of this mood:

“I’m 18. The horrors of capitalism are monumental. That is why I’m passionate about creating a society that is equal, where workers have control, and where our planet and people are not exploited by the elite. Revolution is needed now more than ever. It appears to be the only solution.”

“I wish to join this cause because I’m tired of being oppressed by the corporate elites and the destructive cycle of capitalism. Capitalism has ruined this country. I believe it’s my duty to overthrow the capitalist demons that are plaguing society, and give power to the people.”

“I hate seeing poor people suffer on the streets, while huge corporations make massive profits. Watching the government benefit the wealthiest while leaving the rest of us to freeze is sickening. I want to see change!”

“I am fed up with the way this country is being run. Everything is for the rich. And the workers are the ones who are constantly belittled and told there is no money for pay rises, while the elite sit in their mansions counting their money. I’m fuming at the disrespect workers are shown in this country, and believe there should be a revolution!

“I can no longer stand capitalism. It’s a rotten system that has f**ked our world. There’s a long road ahead of us, but this campaign gives us hope. ‘Get organised’ resonates in the best way possible.”

Marxists on the march

This radical mood was also evident at the May Day demonstrations that Socialist Appeal comrades took part in recently. In towns and cities across the country, our activists formed revolutionary blocs, where we put forward bold slogans and appealed on workers and youth to ‘join the Marxists!’

In London, for example, over 100 comrades and supporters marched together behind our banners, with a sea of red flags proudly held high, after gathering at the Marx Memorial Library in Clerkenwell Green.

Our slogans included: “No wage losses, expropriate the bosses!” and “Nationalise the banks; seize their wealth; spend it on the National Health!” These demands attracted passers-by and others on the demonstration, with some actively joining our bloc.

After the march, comrades headed for a celebratory social, where Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal, gave a rousing speech on the significance of May Day, the intensifying class struggle, and the historic tasks that stand in front of us.

Join the Marxists!

As Rob emphasised, the most urgent task is to build a strong Marxist leadership, in Britain and internationally. That is why we are running this bold campaign, recruiting for revolution.

Socialist Appeal will be running online meetings every two weeks for those interested in joining our ranks: outlining what we do; explaining what being a member entails; and answering any political questions about Marxism or communism.

If you would like to join these meetings, please get in touch at

On the basis of the response so far, and the mood that exists across society, there is no reason why we can’t reach the major milestone of 1000 members of the International Marxist Tendency in Britain in the coming months.

To achieve this would be a huge step forward for the forces of Marxism; for the building of a genuine revolutionary organisation; and for the fight for socialism.

So why wait? If you’re a communist, get organised and join Socialist Appeal today!

Join us

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