In Defence of Marxism - Red New Year appeal

We have had a very intense but fruitful year of political activity. We have provided daily updated reports and analysis of the class struggle, and the number of readers and supporters has also increased significantly. But all this costs money. We need your financial help. Read more about our activities here and see how you can help.

The year 2007 which now closes has been a very successful one for In Defence of Marxism and the International Marxist Tendency. With less than 10 days to the end of the year, we have received more than 850,000 visits to the website, showing the growing interest in Marxist ideas and analysis around the world. We have provided daily updated reports and analysis of the class struggle.

Amongst the most important events we have covered this year are the developing Venezuelan revolution, which has witnessed yet another shift to the left in 2007, after the presidential election victory in 2006, and we have provided timely analysis of the defeat in the referendum on constitutional reform, which has been widely reproduced in Latin America.

The work of the Revolutionary Front of Occupied Factories (founded on the initiative of the Revolutionary Marxist Current) has been crucial in raising the issue of workers' control and factory occupations as the way forward.

We have followed closely the revolutionary movement in the whole of Latin America, where we now have comrades of the Marxist tendency in nine different countries, including a small group of comrades in Bolivia, a key country in the continent. The comrades of the Marxist tendency Militante in Mexico have also made important advances. Amongst their activities this year, they invited Alan Woods to what was a successful speaking tour, and as part of it launched a Mexican edition of Stalin's Gangsters in collaboration with the Leon Trotsky Museum. As a result of their success, they have been subjected to state repression with comrades being arrested and arrest warrants being issued against others.

Once again, the Spanish language publishing house Fundación Federico Engels was present at the Havana Book Fair this year, where Alan Woods was invited to launch his book on the history of the Bolshevik Party and to speak at the University in Santiago de Cuba.

Another very successful area of work for the IMT has been Pakistan, where the Marxist tendency "The Struggle" celebrated its congress with the presence of 2000 delegates. The comrades played an important role in the struggle against the state of emergency and now a number of Marxists are PPP candidates in the forthcoming elections.

All this work, a few examples of which we have just highlighted, has obviously cost a lot of money and effort, in trips, publishing of material, financial help to comrades in different parts of the world when they come under attack, and the costs associated with maintaining a daily updated website.

We are making an appeal to comrades, supporters of the IMT and readers of the website in general to make a financial donation towards the "Red New Year" appeal to help us continue the work.

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