Philippines: “Socialista” press statement: Free Iraq from US Occupation Now! Free the World from Future Wars of Aggression!

No amount of cover-ups and lies by US will convince the world that the Iraqi people freely formed their government. If before, the Iraqi people’s freedom suffered from Saddam’s dictatorship, today they suffer as a nation under US imperialism. The world’s oppressed peoples could not help but express hatred for US imperialism!

No amount of grandstanding and rhetoric will save the United Nations from losing its fake reputation as a democratic venue for ensuring sovereignty of and peace among nations. Capitalist nations, whether they form part or not of the US coalition of the willing, are simply protecting their vested interests instead of upholding the right of the Iraqi people to self-determination. Today under the UN, no developing nations can feel secure with the threat of new forthcoming capitalist wars of aggression!

War is the teacher of violence! The freedom-loving people of Iraq pursued the peaceful means in confronting the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein. Today, the world is shocked at how Iraqi militants resorted to extremist actions to dramatize their resistance to US occupation. A foreign power such as the US is allowed by the UN to impose superior means of violence against Iraq, thus the international community will witness a display of more violence by Iraqi militants. Wars breed violence and armed resistance is now becoming the only means left for the weak freedom fighters.

War will continue with the capitalist class’s greed for profits! Failing to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the anti-terrorism sentiment served as convenient excuse for the US to impose control over Iraq’s oil and political governance. The anti-terrorism campaign is also increasingly being used to fan the paranoia of elite classes to protect their secure lives amidst the terrorism of poverty against the working class and other marginalized sectors. In the Philippines, the subservience of Gloria Arroyo to the US is matched by her readiness to impose anti-terrorism measures attacking the human rights of workers, other marginalized sectors, and Muslim communities.

Now, the world is confronted by the spectre of more wars of aggression by the US and its allies, which represent the capitalist class’s attack on the world’s workers and marginalized peoples. The time has come for the workers and the toiling masses to confront their local bourgeoisie and the imperialists to advance humanity’s need for a just economic development and truly democratic governance. The struggle for socialism thus emerges as our only hope for a just and peaceful global order!

Now, more than ever, is the time for all freedom-loving peoples to uphold the sovereignty of and equality among nations. The US occupation of Iraq must end but not by leaving the Iraqi people to the sway of the extremists. The US occupation must end aided by the international condemnation and pressures to keep Iraq away from US imperialism. Upholding the freedom of the Iraqi people is taking a stand to protect the freedom of all peoples against any desperate war by the dying capitalist class!

NO Genuine Iraqi Sovereignty Without An End To US Occupation!

WAR Must End With The Defeat Of The Capitalist Class Domination!

NOW Is The Time To Defend Freedom Against The Imperialists’ Wars!

SOCIALISTA (July 2005)

Manila, March 18, 2005

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