Solidarity with the Venezuelan Communist Party

The Venezuelan Communist Party is facing a campaign of attacks, slanders, and a coup to usurp its legal and electoral registration from its democratically elected leadership, carried out by the PSUV and the government. The following statement of solidarity was approved unanimously by the leadership of the International Marxist Tendency at a meeting of its International Executive Committee this week. The sections and groups represented (from 30 countries) are listed at the end.

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The Venezuelan Communist Party is currently under attack by the ruling PSUV and the Venezuelan state apparatus. The aim of this campaign is to wrest the legal registry, use of symbols and electoral registration of the Party from its legitimate leadership, which was democratically elected at its 16th Congress in 2022.

To carry out this plan, a group of agents calling themselves "Patriotic PCV" has been formed, made up mostly of members of the PSUV and former PCV militants who were expelled from the party in past years. On 10 July, these people filed a legal complaint with the Supreme Court of Justice demanding the appointment of a new board of directors of the PCV composed of people who are sympathetic to the ruling party.

This same method has been used before, against other Left parties which are part of the Revolutionary Peoples' Alternative (APR), like the PPT, Tupamaros and others. 

As part of this campaign, absurd slanders have been hurled against the PCV, such as that it is now part of the pro-imperialist right wing, and that it receives financing from the White House or from corrupt people like the former oil minister Rafael Ramírez, now in conflict with the dominant wing of the PSUV.

The International Marxist Tendency would like to express its full solidarity with the comrades of the PCV in the face of the threats of this anti-democratic assault against their organisation, as well as our absolute rejection of the defamation campaign launched to justify such an attack. 

Regardless of any political differences we may have with the PCV comrades, this attack is an unacceptable and undue interference on the part of the State in the internal affairs of working class organisations, which jeopardises their freedom to organise, to decide over their own internal affairs and to carry out a free political life. 

Der Funke (Austria)

Vonk/Révolution (Belgium)

Socialist Appeal (Britain)

Esquerda Marxista (Brazil)

Fightback/La Riposte Socialiste (Canada)

CMI - Octubre (Chile)

Colombia Marxista (Colombia)

Revolution (Denmark)

Bloque Popular Juvenil (El Salvador)

Révolution (France)

Der Funke (Germany)

Epanastasi (Greece)

Executive Committee of the Indonesian section of the IMT (Indonesia)

Sinistra classe rivoluzione (Italy)

Revolutie (Netherlands)

Campaign for a Workers Alternative (Nigeria)

Marxy (Arabic-speaking countries)

La Izquierda Socialista (Mexico)

Colectivo Marxista (Portugal)

Lal Salam (Pakistan)

Czerwony Front (Poland) 

Organization of Communist-Internationalists (Russia)

Lucha de Clases (Spanish state)

Revolution (Sweden)

Der Funke/L'étincelle (Switzerland)

The Spark 火花 (Taiwan)

Socialist Revolution (USA)

Revolution (South Africa)

Marxista Revolusionariu (Timor Leste)

Lucha de Clases (Venezuela)

Crvena Kritika (Yugoslavia)

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