Successful fundraising for In Defence of Marxism

We now close the financial appeal for In Defence of Marxism. We have reached the target we set ourselves of raising €3,000. Since the last update an additional £440 and $295 have come in, bringing the total raised to €2,970.

We’d like to thank all of those who contributed.
Since the last update we have received £310 from Britain, £10 from TW and £300 from comrade ER. LM from France, who has contributed several times before, contributed another £80. His fellow countryman MC contributed $30 as well. Two Norwegian comrades contributed £50 (JR) and $10 (OM). From far away Australia we received $160 from comrade AN and from almost as distant Argentina we received $10 from comrade MC. Finally from Switzerland we received a donation of $35 from comrade CH.
The last few weeks have not only proved to be a great leap forward for the world revolution, it has also been a large step forward for the efforts to find the financial resources to spread the ideas of Marxism in the Middle East and Latin America to which we have pledged the collection. All the comrades that have contributed have our gratitude.