The canton Ticino, that part of Switzerland which speaks Italian, and that everyone considers a model of social peace and serenity, has been shaken by a trade union struggle that has no comparison in the recent history of the country. It is the struggle of a very militant section of the Ticino working class, the railway maintenance workers.

The crisis of capitalism is even shaking countries like Switzerland. The heartland of international finance, wealth, “neutrality” and social peace has been rocked by a series of strike actions on the part of building workers. With a growing radicalisation of the Swiss working class and increasing intransigence on the part of the bosses, the stage has been set for serious class battles.

On Mayday our Swiss comrades issued the first edition of their new paper “Der Funke”. This is the first step towards building a Marxist tendency also within the Swiss labour and youth movement. Here we publish a report by our Swiss comrades about there experiences on Mayday.

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