Pakistan: Unilever dismissed workers protest in Rahim Yar Khan

This article by the Action Committee of the Dismissed Workers at Unilever in Pakistan, written by its President Muhammad Azeem and Secretary General Jehanzaib Khan), gives an account of the ongoing protests to get the sacked workers reinstated.

The dismissed workers of Unilever Rahim Yar Khan held a protest on 15th February in front of the Unilever factory and demanded that the administration should immediately restore all dismissed workers. The rally started from the Railway Crossing in Rahim Yar Khan and ended at the Unilever factory gate. Workers from other industries and departments also participated in the rally.

Pakistan: Unilever dismissed workers protest in Rahim Yar KhanAddressing the rally the speakers demanded the immediate restoration of all workers sacked on 20th October. Most of the workers have also got orders from the courts but the factory administration is not even listening to court orders. The speakers warned that the protests will continue until the reinstatement of these workers has been achieved and it will spread in other industries also.

The speakers also warned that if the demands are not met we can start an international campaign against Unilever as all the workers of Unilever in other countries will come to their support. The speakers also warned that the workers will not accept any threat of closing down the factory and if any attempt is made to shut it down they will move forward by occupying it and will run it under their own democratic control.

Those who addressed the rally were Haider Chughtai, Divisional Secretary General Peoples Labour Bureau, Rana Qamar uz Zaman, Vice President PTUDC, Abdur Razaq Soomro, PTUDC Sadiqabad, Muhammad Ashraf from the United Sugar Mills Union, Mahboob Khan from All-Pakistan Clerks Association, Ashraf Peerji from the Jaag Welfare Trust, Umar Moawia from Bazm-e-Farid, Abid Hussain Shah, President Power Looms Union, Rais Kajal, leader of the PPP Rahim Yar Khan, Muhammad Azeem, President Action Committee, Abdul Majid, General Secretary Action Committee Jehanzaib Khan, Labour leaders from the Unilever factory Hanif Khan, Muhammad Suhail, Dalda Foods Employees Union Karachi leader Khaista Rehman and the General Secretary National Federation of Food, Beverages and Tobacco Qamar uz Zaman.

In the end the president of the Action Committee Muhammad Azeem thanked the participants and rally was peacefully dispersed.


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