US Marxists launch new website!

Last week, the comrades of the US section of the IMT unveiled a new version of After 16 years of producing Socialist Appeal, we launched Socialist Revolution in 2017, a better name for the struggles of the post-2017 election era. Our new site was also a big step forward toward raising the IMT's profile and visibility. Since then, we have kept working on improvements to continue to enhance the user experience, especially on mobile devices.

Some of the more visible improvements and additions include on the new site:

  • Join, subscribe, donate, and contact forms are directly integrated on This will make it even easier for those looking to join and support us in our efforts to build the revolutionary party.
  • The home page is now no longer just a continuous stream of the most recent articles. We have added a rotating "carousel" at the top to display six relevant posts; a sliding feature of FAQ and Marxist Basics posts; and integration with Marxist Books, which allows for a number of books (or other products) to be easily viewed and purchased directly from
  • A navigation bar under the logo header, showing the website content structure. This will allow users to easily navigate and find content within the website, also allowing us to feature specific categories and relevant pages that we want people to find.
  • A footer with widgets. This will allow users to sign up to our mailing list and promoting the Socialist Revolution magazine.
  • A "related news" bar at the bottom of all article pages. This will guide readers to other articles with relevant content.

Many thanks to all the comrades for the countless hours and late nights that made the new site possible. Like our print paper, our website is an important reflection of the quality of our politics. If you like the new site, please bookmark it, link to it, and promote it among your friends, contacts, and social media. The best, most consistent source for Marxist news and analysis in the US deserves as wide an audience as possible!