[Video] Alan Woods on the History of Philosophy

On the weekend, Wellred Books hosted the launch of Alan Woods’ new text, The History of Philosophy: A Marxist Perspective. With about 200 attendees present from across the world, the event was a big success. The great turnout, and a large number of pre-orders for the book, demonstrate a thirst for ideas in this turbulent period. You can watch Alan Woods’ introduction and closing remarks at the launch event here.

Alan introduced The History of Philosophy, outlining how the best philosophical ideas of the past have laid the basis for the development of dialectical materialism, the philosophy of Marxism: the only set of ideas capable of explaining the real situation in society, and offering a roadmap towards a better world.

Over £1,000 was raised from donations and pre-orders of the book, and Wellred was flooded with messages from people attending saying they have been inspired to read and study the text upon its release.

This enthusiasm was also reflected in the range of interesting questions from the floor, covering such subjects as the importance of studying philosophy; the difference between the Marxist and bourgeois conception of the history of philosophy; and how the development of philosophy interacts with other aspects of culture.

Alan and others spoke about the value of this book, which is the only comprehensive treatment of the history of philosophy from a Marxist point of view. This is a unique contribution to the ideological arsenal of revolutionary activists everywhere.

Our philosophy is not simply a matter of academic interest. It is a guiding light in political life, an essential tool in the education of future Marxists, and a weapon against bourgeois ideology. Every thinking worker and class fighter should obtain a copy and commit to closely studying this text. We must learn from the great lineage of human thought, and prepare ourselves to win the future!

Pre-order your copy now so that you can read and study the book with peers, friends and comrades: http://www.marxist.com/hop.htm

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