Why we are Joining the WIL

We're proud to reproduce this letter by four new comrades from San Francisco, in which they explain why they have decided to join the Workers International League.

By the former members of Workers Action

We are very enthusiastic about joining the Workers International League.  For the past several years, we have followed the analyses on the web pages of In Defense of Marxism and have found ourselves in agreement with its fundamental strategic orientation, especially regarding the supreme importance of the unfolding Venezuelan revolution.  We, too, believe the world is entering a revolutionary period, which makes it all the more incumbent for revolutionaries to come together on a principled basis, forging international ties wherever possible.

The socialist revolution will not result from some kind of natural process, like a hurricane that transforms a particular landscape.  It will not, for example, automatically emerge in the midst of a monumental economic collapse of capitalism.  It will only arise by means of the conscious intervention of the working class when it decides, as it must, to take the destiny of humanity into its own hands.  And for this to happen, there must be a revolutionary party, versed in the lessons of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, which can illuminate the path to this historical conjuncture.  As loyal party builders of the WIL, we look forward to helping in the production and distribution of the newspaper, of immersing ourselves in the immigrant rights movement, of continuing our work in Hands Off Venezuela, and of being actively engaged in whatever working class movement arises.We believe that there has been a convergence of views between us and the WIL, for example, on the Cuban revolution where we do not call for political revolution but argue that the revolution can be strengthened by instituting genuine workers' democracy.  Undoubtedly political differences will arise from time to time within the WIL, as they should.  But we are convinced that these differences will be addressed in an entirely democratic and comradely framework, where everyone receives a fair hearing and where, after a full discussion and a vote is taken, we all abide by the will of the majority.  After all, centralism is nothing without democracy, just as democracy amounts to nothing without centralism.

As the standard of living of the US working class continues to decline, thanks to the relentless barrage of attacks mounted by the capitalists, and while at the same time corporate profits are reaching ever-greater perverse proportions, our revolutionary prospects have become correspondingly strong.  We believe that a shift in the consciousness of the working class is currently underway so that new possibilities will soon be opening up.  The future is ours!  We look forward to meeting this challenge in the WIL.

Paul Colvin
Bill Leumer
Adam Richmond
Ann Robertson