[Video] Alan Woods on the origins of Christianity

What does 25 December have to do with the birth of Jesus Christ? As it turns out, nothing. But the official early history of Christianity has always contained more fiction than fact. At a meeting in London, Alan Woods offers a historical materialist analysis of the origins of Christianity, demonstrating how a revolutionary movement was eventually co-opted and corrupted by the ruling class of its day, and turned into an instrument of reaction. As Marxists, we are fighting for a better life and goodwill between all men: not in heaven, but here on earth. This can only be accomplished through revolution. We apologise for the first few minutes of this talk being cut off.

For more on this topic, we recommend this introduction by Alan to Karl Kautsky's Foundations of Christianity (full text here), and you can purchase Behind the Myths: The Foundations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam from Wellred books here.