Already the “New” Government is Lagging Behind Even the Peasant Mass, Leave Alone the Revolutionary Workers

Published in Pravda No. 50, May 19 (6), 1917.

Here is the evidence:

The evening edition of Russkaya Volya (Russian Freedom indeed!) for May 4 has this to report about the feeling prevailing among the delegates to the Peasant Congress, which is now in session:

“The delegates’ main grievance, voiced on behalf of the peasants, is that while all classes are already reaping the fruits of the revolution the peasants alone are still waiting for their share The peasants alone are told to wait until the Constituent Assembly meets and settles the land question.

“‘We don’t agree,’ they say. ‘We’re not going to wait, just as others have not waited. We want the land now, at once.’”

There is no doubt that the reporter of Russkaya Volya, a paper that serves the worst of the capitalists, is not slandering the peasants in this case (there is no sense in lying), but is telling the truth, is warning the capitalists. All the news coming from the Congress confirms this truth.

Compare this truth with Section 5 of the “new” government’s draft declaration:

“While leaving it to the Constituent Assembly to settle the question of transferring the land to the working people, the Provisional Government will take ... measures,” etc. (the “old” Provisional Government also kept on “taking measures”...).

The “new” government is already lagging hopelessly behind even the Peasant Congress!

This is a fact, surprising though it may be to many.

And facts are stubborn things, as the English say.


Source: Marxist Internet Archive.