Defend the Palestinian people!

After translating the Editorial Statement on the bombing of Gaza into Arabic the comrades of have launched an appeal condemning the invasion. We appeal to all our readers to sign the protest letter and send it to all the addresses provided.


In a continuation of the aggressive policy of the state of Israel against the Palestinian people, your military forces have reinvaded the Gaza Strip, killed people, bombed houses, bridges and power stations, etc.

Your excuse is to free the captured Israeli soldier, but we all know that this is merely disguising your real aim which is to sow terror among the Palestinian people, to bring them to their knees and at the same time to divert the attention of the Israeli working class away from the real issues (exploitation, unemployment...) and highlight the national conflict.

We strongly condemn this new act of state terrorism and demand:

  • The immediate withdrawal of troops from Gaza!
  • Stop this present incursion NOW!
  • The immediate release of all the political prisoners!



Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs  

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Kiryat Ben-Gurion
Jerusalem 91035 
Tel. 972-2-5303111 
Fax 972-2-5303367

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Please send a copy of your protest letters to