Greece: The right wing must ‘resign’! No ‘national’ unity with those who terrorise the people!

The class and revolutionary content of last night’s referendum outcome was crystal clear. Last night’s magnificent ‘NO’ vote was not a call for national unity with the pro-memoranda capitalist leaders, the “resignation” of [Yanis] Varoufakis, or tolerance for the right wing.

communist-tendency-syrizaThe astonishing 61.3 percent triumph of the NO vote last night was a remarkable outcome. Especially given the conditions of relentless propaganda war and terror campaign waged by the Troika and of the Greek ruling class. This was a clear revolutionary and working class victory which had its epicentre in the working class neighbourhoods. But the millions of toiling people who voted yesterday - many of them being either unemployed, unpaid or under constant threat of becoming unemployed - did not mandate the government to conclude a new austerity agreement or to achieve ‘national unity’ with the domestic allies of the Troika.

The meeting of the Board of Greek political leaders and Varoufakis’s resignation – which was done to ‘facilitate’ the negotiations with the Troika –fail to reflect any intention on the part of the government to immediately act on the revolutionary message from yesterday’s referendum result. Instead of consultations with the bourgeois pro-austerity leaders, the government ought to have started implementing a plan of nationalisations - starting with the banking system - in order to protect the living standards of the people against economic war on the part of the Troika/oligarchy ‘black front’, while calling on the people to organise and to be vigilant. The ones who should be ‘purged’ from the government are the representatives of the right-wing who had previously demanded that the referendum be revoked.

Communist Tendency of SYRIZA