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The International Marxist Tendency is delighted to announce the Summer 2022 edition of the In Defence of Marxism theoretical journal! This latest issue features two in-depth examinations of topics which all Marxists would be well served to study and understand: the American Civil War, which Marx himself commented upon, and Marxism, Money and Inflation, the relevancy of which is plain for all to see. We publish the editorial by editor-in-chief Alan Woods below.

We publish the editorial from the latest issue of the International Marxist Tendency’s theoretical journal, In Defence of Marxism, available to buy now! Alan Woods introduces the contents of the magazine, including a piece of his own dealing with the oft-heard question: ‘why hasn’t there been a revolution?’ Additionally, the issue contains a pair of articles by Trotsky on the role of revolutionary leadership; a polemic against subjective idealism in science journalism; and a review of a new book on Lenin’s time in London.

The International Marxist Tendency proudly presents the relaunched In Defence of Marxism theoretical journal. Translated into multiple languages, readers from all over the world will be able to subscribe, and four times a year will receive the physical magazine, posted to your door. Or you can choose to subscribe to our digital editions, which will land directly in your email inbox. The magazine will become available from 16 July, but you can subscribe today!