The proposed new anti-immigration law HR4437 in the USA – "The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act"   is a continuation of a vicious cycle of lies and misery. It is a reactionary battery of additions and amendments to existing immigration legislation which effectively declares open war on undocumented workers.

A new anti-immigration bill is being considered in the United States that would be used to criminalize and persecute mainly the millions of Latino workers. The aim of course is not to “send them back” for these workers are quite useful to the US bosses. Without legal rights they can be paid less than the other workers, and so they make bigger profits for the bosses. The aim is to actually make it even easier to exploit them.

Bush's new plan for immigration "reform" will benefit only the ruling classes of the US and Latin America, Mexico in particular.  Working people will only see their conditions of life further deteriorate while big business pockets big profits. 

Mick Brooks looks at the question of the movement of labour (emigration and immigration) and how the bosses have always managed to have a flexible approach on this question depending on the needs of their system at any given moment. In the end whether they are campaigning for it or against it, it is always used to enhance their profits as they attempt to divide the workers on this issue.

We are publishing a letter about the conditions of female immigrants to Europe written by Marina Kosara, a member of the Young Socialists in Vienna who works with immigrants.

The horrific deaths of 58 Chinese migrants found in Dover, revealed to the world the monstrous effects of Britain's immigration regime. By making it virtually impossible for refugees and migrants to enter this country legally, many thousands every year seek to come here illegally. Jack Straw was quick to place the blame on Chinese smuggling gangs called the Snake Head. Thinking people can see through this.