IMT Panamerican Cadre School Appeal

The Fourth Panamerican Cadre School of the International Marxist Tendency will take place in Mexico from 28 November to 2 December. The school will gather comrades from all over the American continent, from Canada, to the US, Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina. The main theme will be the centenary of the Communist International, which will be marked with an opening rally at the Trotsky House Museum in Mexico City.

Given the explosive revolutionary events taking place in Ecuador, Chile, Haiti, the general strike which is being prepared in Colombia and the struggle against the reactionary coup in Bolivia, the school could not be held at a more interesting time.

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The costs of organising the school will be covered by the comrades in the Americas themselves, who have been collecting money from members and supporters. However, the cost of tickets from some of these countries is very high and this is why we appeal to comrades elsewhere to help with a financial donation.

Help build the forces of Marxism in the American continent!

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