After several weeks of solid protest, the state authorities released the three youth activists of Jebha from prison last week. This is a huge victory for the struggle against the lack of water supplies, power cuts and other problems affecting the village. We want to thank all our readers who sent solidarity messages.

Last Thursday there was a demonstration in Chefchouan to demand the immediate release of the three young victims of the police repression in Jebha. They were arrested on January 11 following their participation in the protest movement against the deterioration of the living conditions in their village. We also ask the international youth and workers movement to keep on sending letters of protest.

As a result of a mass protest against the lack of water supplies, power cuts and other problems affecting the village of Jebha (Chefchaouen) in Morocco, three leaders of the protest have been arrested. We call on all our readers to send messages of solidarity.

Supporters of the International Marxist Tendency in Morocco have just published the first edition of their paper, The Communist. Here we provide a brief explanation of the contents and also make it available online for any reader who wishes to download it.

We publish this impressive video of a school students' demo against the Israeli imperialist aggression in Gaza. It illustrates well the sea change in the consciousness of young people in the Arab world, in Morocco in particular.

The barbaric attack of Israeli forces on the people of Gaza has provoked widespread mass opposition within the Arab world. Here we provide a brief report on youth mobilisations in Morocco, where the Marxists have intervened connecting well with the militant youth.

There has been brutal repression of the workers in Sidi Ifni in Morocco. At least seven protestors have been killed by the police. Please raise a protest, write to the Moroccan authorities and take this issue up with your local Moroccan embassy/consulate.

This year's May Day rallies in Morocco revealed a more militant mood and where the Marxists intervened they received a huge welcome from the workers.

At the beginning of November, the Marxists in the Moroccan student union UNEM organised a political drive towards this year’s new intake of university students. Here you can read extracts of a remarkable report.

The increasing use of repressive measures in Morocco reflects the weakness, not the strength of the present regime. We can expect more of this in the next periods as the protests spread. The families of the arrested workers and youth thank everyone for their support and renew their appeal for more solidarity actions.

Repressive measures in Morocco are being stepped up. The five activists arrested in Ksar-ek-kebir in the aftermath of the May Day demonstrations have been sentenced to three years in prison! They need the solidarity of the workers and youth of the world. Please take up the issue in your country and join the protest movement.