NATO targeted Yugoslav Hydroenergetic system!

A letter from Skopje, Macedonia.

"A spectre is haunting Europe." (The Communist Manifesto)

Finally NATO warriors opened their cards. The goal of yesterdays attacks were besides hospitals, cultural monuments, bridges, trains and, of course, both Albanian and Serbian houses, hydro plants. Are You surprised? No. Nobody is surpriced by NATO imperialistic ambitions. On yesterday press conference in Skopje, Yugoslav Ambassador in Macedonia, Zoran Janachkovich said that the damage from NATO bombing is around one hundred billion dollars. Not to mention the lost of lovings and the destruction of Yugoslav cultural heritage. My grandma, a witness of destructions from the Second World War, said two days ago that even Hitler haven't done such things to Serbian people.

On the territory of Yugoslavia during the past various civilizations met each other. They fought one another, but the mixture have formed new historical unique values. The Stone Age, the bronze Age, the Hellenic and Roman period, the early Christianity, the Byzantine Empire, the Bulgarian Empire, the Serbian mediaeval kingdoms, the Turkish-Osmanli Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom, The liberated kingdoms in Monte Negro and Serbia, they all left remains of ascending and descending human nature. They belong not only to Yugoslavia, but to the world. Destroying old churches or mosques, ruining the monuments from victorious period of second world war when all ex-Yugoslav people had won the fascism and nationalism will not conquer the Yugoslav people. They have to be killed. That is the only way to conquer this brave and dignified people.

When we are talking about dignity let me emphasize that dignity is not a pride. Dignity is a force that protects the human from destructive thoughts and acts. Only dignified man or woman can be free, in sense of deciding what is a right way and what is a wrong. On contrary, not free, incomplete and pathologically depending individuals are proud beings. The proud people don't think with their heads. They rely on past experience. They live in the past. They think metaphysically. Once good, always good. Many accused Serbians for being proud. But is protecting or even defending yourself and your lovings a pride? NO! Proud are those who think are invincible and always righteous. Proud are those who took the law in their hands. Proud are not those who are being bomb. Proud are not those who are being slapped. I ask the world: who is playing sheriff in Balkans?

We understood the conditions NATO wants to impose on Serbian media. "If president Miloshevich would provide equal time for Western news broadcasts in its programmes without any censorship, three hours a day between noon and 6pm and three hours a day between 6pmand midnight, his TV could become an acceptable instrument of public information."(Metro, Friday, April 9, 1999) (taken from Jordi Martorell's text) The dictatorship of so-called rich Western countries is resulting greater and stronger defense of Marxism. The Appeal becomes more obvious for the people in Balkans.

On the end I want to point one of the last speeches of Josip Broz-Tito, given in Prishtina, on 16.10.1979 " We shouldn't forget that there have been undermining of our brotherhood and unity coming from inside... I think it has strengthen lately. Of course such attempts are not coming from workers,...They are coming from those who wish to weaken our community, to stop and brake our socialistic self-management develop. All they want to do is to provoke discontent in Kosovo Albanians and to bring discord among its multiethnic population. ... The enemy are well known to our people. They will condemn all these attempts like they always did in the past. It is important to keep consistently the politics of our Communist Alliance. "

Drugar-ot Tito, like our people used to call him continued: " The solution of national questions and providing fully equality for nations and nationalities in our conditions is possible only in system of self-management. Self-management is only garantee for equality. "

Was this true? Yes. The fall of self-management system caused the separatists to grow stronger and to dissolve Socialistic Federate Republic Of Yugoslavia in several self-called independent states. The leader of Slovenian bourgeoisie and head of Slovenian " communist" and now the president of Slovenia said that the Kosovo's separatist movement was supported by Slovenians in their struggle against Serbian government in the beginning. He also said that Slovenians unlike the world community remember the Albanian nationalism and the pogroms done by Kosovars 20 years ago. In same context Albanian Prime Minister Pandeli Mayko uncovered his misery that " GREAT Albania is process that is flowing... and that should fright nobody... " I'm sure Great Albania will make me just a body, a dead one.

The nationalism is not solution for Balkan's states. The destruction of factories, bridges, schools, kindergartens,hospitals, barracks, religious objects and HUMAN lives is fall of human kind. Only Socialistic Federation was and will be par excellence accepted as true and righteous society for Balkans and farther.

I am Macedonian citizen and hoping that you've understood my contribution for stoping this unfair war. I don't want to see my future like soldier in North Atlantic War Organization. I strongly believe that sending warriors to "protect" the Balkans (some say in next 50 years) will only make this peninsula a graveyard of nations.

Aleksandar Atevik