A note by Lenin in response to an attack in the Novoye Vremya paper. First published in Pravda No. 74 June 20 (7), 1917.

On June 6 Novoye Vremya said:

“Why is it that in these days of freedom this black hand has reached out from somewhere and is moving the puppets of Russian democracy? Lenin! But his name is legion. At all cross-roads, a Lenin pops up. And it is quite obvious that strength lies not in Lenin himself but in the receptiveness of the soil to the seeds of anarchy and madness.”

Anarchy, as we see it, is the making of scandalous profits from war supplies by the capitalists. Madness, as we see it, is the waging of a war for the division of annexed territories, for the division of capitalist profits. And if these views find sympathy “at all cross-roads", it is because they properly express the interests of the proletariat, the interests of all working people and all the exploited.Source:


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