Pakistan/India: Solidarity with JNU Students and AISF - Stop State Oppression Now, Free Comrade Kanhaiya Kumar

Solidarity with the struggle of Indian students at the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

[See also solidarity photos from across Pakistan here]

Dear Comrades,

PYA Logo Yellow BorderThe youth and the students’ organizations affiliated to Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) strongly condemn the oppression of students at JNU and other places by the fundamentalist BJP Government. We demand immediate release of JNUSU President Comrade Kanhaiya Kumar and other students and all charges against them dropped unconditionally. 

PYA fully supports the right to freedom of expression and right of students to unionize, organize and mobilize politically at all educational institutions. We consider students politics and unions as basic pillars of democracy. PYA is struggling for the restoration and revival of students unions which have been banned in Pakistan since 1979.

Struggle of All India Students Federation (AISF) and students at JNU is source of inspiration for us. Through our websites, social media and the limited coverage that we get in corporate media, we are informing youth here about the events and struggle unfolding in India. As the crisis of capitalism deepens, regimes all over the world would intensify political, economic and social attacks against youth and students in the form of privatization, fee hikes, unemployment, crack down on students unions, religious fundamentalism and state oppression. Only through class solidarity can the struggle for free education, freedom of expression, guaranteed employment, right to self-determination and emancipation of working class can be victorious.  

An injury to one is an injury to all. Your struggle is our struggle.

March forward towards a Socialist India, Socialist Subcontinent and Socialist South Asia!

Sangeen Bacha, Joint Secretary PYA

Basharat Ali, President Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF)

Mir Zareef Rind, Central Organizer Baloch Students Organization (BSO) Pajjar