PTUDC supports demands of Indian working class and 2 September General Strike

The call for the strike issued jointly by ten trade unions along with their affiliates is for the rightful demands of the workers.

The twelve point charter of demands seeking withdrawal of labour law amendments and the land acquisition amendment ordinance, stopping privatization and foreign investment in railways, insurance and defence, banning speculative trade in commodities, universalization of public distribution system as well as policies to address price hike and improve employment opportunities are the just demands that should be immediately fulfilled.

Workers in Pakistan are also facing similar conditions and the ruling class of Pakistan is exploiting the working class to the extreme. Wages are extremely low and registering a union has become a herculean task due to draconian labour laws and the callousness of the government labour department.

Almost three years ago more than 300 workers were burnt alive in a garments factory fire in Baldia Town, Karachi but still no one has been punished. Poverty, unemployment, contract labour, privatisation and lack of health facilities are devastating millions of workers.

Despite all this, the ruling classes of both countries are stocking huge arsenals of nuclear weapons. To maintain the opulent lifestyles of the rulers, the huge profits of the capitalists and the interests of the imperialist powers, the working classes of both countries are pitted against each other and war hysteria is whipped up on a regular basis.

The time has come for the working class of both countries, along with other countries in South Asia, to step forward against this tyranny of capital and move jointly against this looting and plunder.

  • Long Live Workers of India and Pakistan!
  • Support the All-India General Strike of 2 September!
  • Workers of the World Unite!

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