Denmark: Solidarity with antifascist struggle in Ukraine!

Resolution by the Danish revolutionary organisations Marxist Students and the Revolutionary Socialists.

The political developments in Ukraine have created a hell on earth for its workers, trade unionists and the left wing in general. The government in Kiev has unleashed a wave of white terror in the country, where gangs of fascist thugs are beating, kidnapping and killing people from the workers movement. A lot of worker activists have been forced to go underground or leave the country because of this terror. 

These same fascists are a part of the government and are incorporated in the armed forces of the country. In this way the government of the super-rich oligarch Petro Poroshenko uses the fascists to attack everybody who disagrees with his government and attacks the democratic rights of the Ukrainian people.

We, in the Marxist Students and the Revolutionary Socialists in Denmark, condemn this undemocratic government and its fascist methods of action against the working class and its organizations in Ukraine.

We furthermore condemn the Danish government who, together with the rest of the so called democratic governments in the EU, support Poroshenko and his mad fascist dogs. The EU, as is Russia, is playing the game of imperialism where the losers are the people of Ukraine.

All of our solidarity goes to the workers and their organizations, like the Marxists in Borotba, who are tirelessly fighting the fascists. These fascists and the whole crisis in Ukraine is a product of the capitalist system, which can’t offer humanity any progress anymore. The only way out for the Ukrainian people is the fight for genuine socialism – fight to wrest the economy from the oligarchs of Ukraine and let the oppressed people run society democratically: A united fight for socialism from all the oppressed people in the region.

  • Down with the Kiev government!
  • All solidarity to the antifascist struggle!
  • Fight for international socialism!

Marxist Students and Revolutionary Socialists (IMT) Denmark