Brazil: Statement on the attacks against left-wing organisations on the June 20 demonstrations

Due to its interesting content we publish here an English translation of the statement of the Sao Paulo "Movement for Free Fares" regarding the attacks on left-wing organisations at the demonstrations on June 20.

On the Protest on Thursday (June 20) - Public Statement

Statement n. 11: on the protest this Thursday

The Free Pass Movement (MPL) took to the streets against the fare increase. Today's demonstration is part of this struggle: beyond the celebration of the peoples' victory of the abrogation of the fare rise, we reaffirm that fighting is not a crime and demonstrate support for protests in other cities. However, in today's protests we witnessed pitiful and isolated episodes of violence against the participation of different groups.

The MPL struggle for a truly public transportation system that serves the needs of the population and not to the profit of the businesses. Thus, we stand alongside all those fighting for a world for those at the bottom and not for the profit of the few that are at the top. This is what in history left wing organizations have defended, and the MPL is part of this history and the product of it.

The MPL is a nonpartisan social movement, but it is not anti party. We condemn the acts of violence directed at these organizations during the demonstration today, just as we condemn police violence. Since the first protests, these organizations took part in the mobilization. Opportunism is trying to exclude them from the fight that we built together.

All strength to those who struggle for a life without turnstiles.

MPL Sao Paulo