Successful fundraising campaign for El Salvador duplicator

We have now reached and exceeded the $1,300 target of our campaign to raise money for the El Salvadoran comrades. In total, we raised $2,700. This, together with the fundraising effort the comrades have made themselves, will mean that they will be able to purchase the duplicator they need. It will be an important step forward for the work of spreading Marxism in El Salvador in the coming years.

If you haven’t already, please have a look at the anniversary article we published on 10 May: 10 years of the Militante BPJ paper – an inspiring legacy.

We would like to thank in particular SO, who donated £1,000, JB, OP, KN and LG who donated £100 each, but also TS, CW, MP, FD, Boston Socialist Revolution, KS and SM who all donated between £40 and £50. The remaining 43 contributions, some of which were as small as £1, all added up to £557. These are all valuable contributions that helped us reach the total.

On behalf of the comrades in El Salvador, we’d like to thank all those who donated.