[Book] Ted Grant Writings: Volume Two


Continuing the theme of Trotskyism and the Second World War, this volume covers the period 1943-45. The articles and documents contained within this book covers the period of the emergence of the WIL and the setting up of the Revolutionary Communist Party. Many documents are appearing in print for the first time since they were written.

The book is divided into three sections. The first deals with the situation in Europe as the war moved towards its conclusion and  the Fascist regimes in Italy and Germany collapsed into chaos. The second section deals with events at home and the tasks facing the labour and trade union movement. The final section contains key documents and letters relating to the build up to the formation of the RCP. As in Volume one, Ted's writings are supplemented by other documents to provide a full picture of the situation.

Key documents included in this volume include Rise and fall of the Communist InternationalChanged relationship of forces in Europe, Our tasks in the coming revolution  and the minutes of the founding conference of the RCP.

481 pages long and now fully available online, this book provides an invaluable resource of Marxist theory and methods.  

Table of Contents

War and revolution

The home front

British Trotskyism and the Fourth International

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