"The History of Philosophy: a Marxist Perspective" – now available in Spanish!

Lucha de Clases – the Spanish section of the International Marxist Tendency – is proud to present the Spanish translation of Alan Woods' The History of Philosophy: A Marxist Perspective. This book provides a profound and clear overview of the development of human thought. It is now available to order from Libreria Marxista, the bookshop of Lucha de Clases.

The translation of this invaluable text shows the thirst for the ideas of Marxism internationally. With the book now available in Spanish, a new layer of revolutionaries from across the globe will have access to this truly unique exposition of the philosophical foundations of Marxist theory.

This translation also comes only shortly after the French and German editions, which have been a huge success internationally. The new Spanish translation and the forthcoming Italian translation will only boost the prominence of this insightful text.

Why study the history of philosophy?

From magic to science, from slavery to wage labour, from ancient history to a socialist future – philosophy has played a key role in the construction of the world we know today and is fundamental to the ongoing struggles to change it.

Philosophy is a double-edged sword, it can serve to prop up the ruling class by shunning progress, or it can serve to destroy the chains of the oppressed by laying the foundations for a new and better society.

The History of Philosophy, by lifelong revolutionary Alan Woods, delves into the history of human thought and analyses it from a Marxist perspective. In doing so, the text brings out the great battle of ideas that constitutes the core of the history of philosophy.

Marxism provides us with a complete alternative to the old and discredited ideas of the past, without turning its back on the great thinkers of history. The ancient Greeks, Spinoza, the French materialists of the Enlightenment and, above all, Hegel, played a crucial role in laying the intellectual foundations of Marxism.

In the long succession of schools of thought, the philosophy of Marxism does not suddenly appear out of nowhere. Marxism was the crowning glory and synthesis of the most advanced thought of its time – a position it occupies to the present day. As a result, it is the only system of thought capable of guiding humanity, and in particular the working class, in the period of capitalism's senile decline. Only with the help of the ideas of Marxism will the working class be capable of giving birth to a higher social system – socialism.

This book by Alan Woods provides you with a profound and clear insight into the development of human thought. It is not written for academics, but for revolutionaries who wish to arm themselves with a scientific method to interpret the world and transform it.

Knowledge is a weapon – use it! You can buy the Spanish translation from the bookshop of Lucha de Clases here. The book is available now for just €15. The original English version can be bought here.

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