Venezuela: New Fascist assault on Mitsubishi workers

Following on from the brutal killing of workers at the Mitsubishi plant in Venezuela, yesterday three workers were shot at as they drove through the town of Barcelona. Fortunately they were not injured, but we must step up the campaign of solidarity to stop these attacks.

In the afternoon of Thursday, February 12, a car in which three workers of the Mitsubishi (MMC) factory in Barcelona, Anzoategui State, were travelling was shot at with live ammunition. The workers were Luís López, Luís Guaregua and Alexander Rojas. The car received seven gunshots when it was on its way from Bolivar Street towards the "March 29" neighbourhood in central Barcelona. None of the workers were injured.

This new act of aggression shows how the war declared against the MMC workers by the right wing and its hired assassins and corrupt police is continuing. The enormous support for the cause of the workers shown by the Communal Councils in the area of Barcelona, from the trade unions and the working class have made the MMC workers a point of reference in the revolutionary struggle in Anzoategui State and in the whole auto industry of Venezuela.

This new attack also shows that the people behind the assassinations are still running free and are conspiring against the workers. The arrest of corrupt police elements who took part in the massacre is only the tip of the iceberg of a much wider drama, which involves directors of the MMC, judges, policemen and the opposition. We demand therefore the arrest of both the intellectual and material authors of these crimes and fascist acts of aggression.

The regional government of Anzoátegui quickly spoke out against these attacks. Rafael Vega, general secretary of the regional government of Anzoátegui, condemned these attacks, saying that: "The regional government of Anzoátegui condemns these acts of hostility and aggression against the workers and we side with the labouring masses." He continued: "We will not permit any violent attacks that intimidate the struggle of the 135 workers who were unjustly sacked through a cowardly action that the company made against the labour rights of these workers."

We welcome this change of attitude on the part of Rafael Vega. After the assassination of two MMC workers on Thursday, January 29, by the Anzoategui police, the same Rafael Vega made declarations on the TVO-TV station, trying to put the responsibility for these killings on the MMC workers themselves, thus echoing the version promoted by the multinational. It was therefore the workers of MMC that demanded his resignation.

All these fascist attacks show that the national and international campaign must be stepped up. Support the workers of MMC, Vivex and the other factories in struggle! First and foremost, we must address the rank and file of the PSUV who must organize against these right-wing attacks against the people and the workers. We must collect signatures against these attacks and organize solidarity meetings.

We appeal to all our readers and supporters throughout the world to take up the call of the CMR and FRETECO to step up the campaign. Please keep sending protest messages, spreading the word about these attacks and rally the maximum support for the cause of the MMC workers.

This attack is part of the violent attacks of the right wing against the revolution. The purpose is ultimately to get rid of president Chavez and destroy the organizations of the working class who are fighting for Socialism and for the YES-vote on February 15. The people and the workers must stay alert in order to mobilize in case this Fascist campaign of terror continues.

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