[Video] Alan Woods: Sunak, Galloway and the crisis of bourgeois democracy

Last week, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak issued a grave message outside 10 Downing Street: “democracy is under attack”! What led him to draw this dramatic conclusion? The people of Rochdale (formerly a safe seat for the British Labour Party), voted overwhelmingly for an anti-imperialist firebrand George Galloway, with a monumental collapse of support both for Sunak’s Tories and for Keir Starmer and his Blairite ilk.

Galloway profited from the profound disgust felt by the masses towards both the traditional parties in Britain, particularly their unanimous support for Israel’s terrible crimes against the Palestinians. And Sunak’s cure for this troubling situation? Curtailing democracy! Namely: attacking the right to protest the criminal activities of the Israeli military in Gaza!

With Israel’s bloody war on the people of Gaza still raging, the disgusting complicity of the British ruling class has graphically revealed the true nature of Sunak, Starmer and the whole rotten capitalist establishment in Britain. But this mood is not limited to one country. All over the world, workers and youth are growing sick of the hypocrisy, betrayal and corruption of bourgeois democracy.

As Alan Woods explains in this video, bourgeois democracy is in a deep crisis. Only the communists seriously defend democratic freedoms, and offer a way forward for humanity, out of the morass of war, poverty and misery.

That is why we are founding the Revolutionary Communist International later this year. If you are sick of the capitalist system that engenders exploitation and oppression on an international scale, then join us now and register to attend the launch of the RCI in June: https://schoolofcommunism.com/

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