WTC: What About the Working Class?

There is no event in modern history to compare the terror of the morning of September 11th, 2001 to. Make no mistake, the misguided individuals who performed these acts have nothing to do with the Left, their actions are totally alien to anything genuinely Socialist, Communist, Marxist, Leninist or Trotskyist. These acts of terror ended the lives of thousands of working class men and women, and in effect, have emotionally crushed their extended families. Terrorism is in direct opposition to the methods of the masses. Terrorism is a reactionary petty bourgeois method which accomplishes nothing but the further pain and suffering of the working class.

The general mood of the American working class today is shock. America is not isolated from the world it tampers with, but very involved in it, and the events of Tuesday are a blatant reminder of this.

Our class, the class that built those gigantic towers, that is the class that is suffering from terror. Our brothers and sisters died at work. The ruling class was largely uneffected; effected financially yes, but mostly unaffected physically and psychologically. On top of the thousands upon thousands of our brothers and sisters who work in New York offices who perished, three hundred more also died trying to save the injured and wounded; New York Fire Fighters. What we Marxists want is a world where the people who actually make the functioning of things possible in charge of their own destinies, and the class who makes them suffer gone.

I couldn't help but cry as I watched the towers fall. I didn't care that they were supposedly the "Center of World Trade." All I knew was the people who went to work that morning to make a living for their families died; they were gone. The blood and sweat the original construction workers put into building these monumental structures destroyed within a little over an hour.

And why did this have to happen? What caused these people to sink to the desperate depths of terror? The rule of Capital. It all can be traced to the rule of the Bourgeois class. The bully of American and Western Imperialism. The Capitalist ruling class has once again used the Proletariat as it's "bullet proof vest."